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THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — A Thomasville couple is linked to a man investigators say stole tens of thousands of dollars from people across the Triad.

Joan and Don Davis always pay their bills on time. That’s why they were surprised when Piedmont Natural Gas called saying their check was late.

“I went down to the bank, I was ready to fuss at them and she pulled it up and she saw what had happened, and before I even got in my car to leave she came running out the door and said, Mrs. Davis, there’s four more,” Joan said.

Five checks were made out to different major companies with an extra name added to the “Pay to the Order of” line, Eugene Croncke, the alias investigators say David Fields used to scam people across the Triad out of money.

“You don’t just pay Piedmont Gas and Piedmont gives it to somebody and they endorse it to cash it, it’s just crazy,” Don said.

Joan and Don think they know how it happened.

On the day Joan dropped the checks off, she says the box was full and the lid looked like it was pried open, just big enough for someone to stick their arm in.

“It was almost inviting if anyone wants to reach in there and pull something out,” Joan said.

They went to the Thomasville Police Department and filed a report.

They got their money back from the bank, but tell FOX8 they won’t be visiting the post office in Thomasville anymore.

“It’s sad to me that we are living in these times where these drastic measures are being done by people,” Joan said. “We’re victims and we didn’t do anything, we just paid our bills.”

The Davis’ did pay a late fee for those stolen checks that never made it.

They’re urging everyone to think twice in the future before you put a check in the mail.