THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — People living at the Big Chair Lofts in Thomasville woke up to no running water in their apartments this week. 

Some residents reached out to FOX8 about their frustration with the complex on East Guilford Street. 

The water was shut off for three hours on Wednesday, even though rent was paid. It’s now back on for residents. 

“When I first heard that it went off, it was kind of just a waiting game,” said Tylaia Campbell, who lives at Big Chair Lofts. “We didn’t get any notices or anything. It was just shut off, and we didn’t have water.” 

Campbell found out right as she woke up in the morning. 

Campbell told FOX8 city crews cut the water around 9:30 a.m., and it didn’t come back on until 12:30 p.m.

It was an unexpected disruption to her family’s morning routine.  

“They couldn’t even brush their teeth, wash up or anything,” Campbell said. “You can’t cook if you wanted to. It’s kind of surprising how much you use water.”  

Water is one utility that is included in the rent. Campbell showed FOX8’s Tyler Hardin the lease agreement.

“We were told that the building didn’t pay the bill for the water,” she said. 

Campbell resorted to water bottles while management fixed it.  

FOX8 reached out to Cohen-Esrey Real Estate, which manages Big Chair Lofts about the water woes. 

Senior Vice President Ryan Huffman shared this statement:  

“We are aware of the water disconnect at big chair lofts which was a result of invoices we did not have at the time for payment. The issue was handled within one hour of notification and we have since adjusted the billing with the water department to route the bills directly to our corporate offices which will avoid this in the future for our valued residents.”   

Campbell is thinking about finding a new place to live.  

“If I’m doing my part, why can’t they do theirs?” she said. “I do want to move out of here. I just feel like it’s too much as a resident.”

The City of Thomasville supplies water to the community. FOX8 reached out to the city manager’s office, public works and inspections for any complaints or violations. We’re waiting to hear back.