THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — People in Thomasville are rallying around one stray dog.

No one knows how old the dog is or the gender, but they started noticing it after constantly seeing the dog sitting on the corner of Liberty Drive and Cloniger Drive.

“He’s been out in storms, rain, heat. We’re all just really worried,” Misty Muller said.

The dog has a dark colored coat with hair around the face almost like a Schnauzer.

The dog has been roaming for three weeks. People who have seen him say he isn’t aggressive, and he never strays far from the intersection.

“He’s obviously been abandoned or left because he’s so faithful. He’s waiting for someone, and I believe it’s his owner,” Ruby Kasupinski said.

All three women noticed the ownerless dog and tried to help.

“I tried to get down on his level, give him treats, call to him nicely along with a lot of other people…as soon as a person comes near, he gets really scared and runs into traffic a lot of the time,” Muller said.

According to a spokesperson for the Thomasville Police Department, animal control has received multiple calls about the dog, and they’ve responded to each one.

The group of concerned citizens tells FOX8 the dog is skinny. They put out food and water in a space away from the road.

“What are we supposed to do just let him starve?” Fehn said. “We already feel bad he’s out wandering the streets as it is. If something isn’t done soon, and this dog isn’t caught safely, he’s going to get killed.”

An animal control officer has left a trap out for the stray dog. If they aren’t able to safely capture the dog by the end of the week, they will reach out to neighboring agencies for help tranquilizing the dog and moving it to a shelter.

Neighbors are concerned officers might kill the dog if it becomes a nuisance.

A spokesperson for the department tells FOX8 that shooting and killing the dog in this situation is a last resort option and would only be utilized if the animal posed a threat to people.

They anticipate they should be able to catch the dog safely within the next few days.

“It’s heartbreaking. I hope someone can catch him and give him a great home. He deserves the best home he can have,” Muller said.