THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — Speeding, passing school buses and not stopping at some stop signs are some of the biggest concerns for people living along Meadow Lark Lane and Falling Creek Drive in Thomasville.

They say they want to see something done to slow down drivers before someone gets seriously hurt.

Our crews spotted at least one driver who did not stop at the stop sign at the intersection.

“People are just flying through here,” Kelly Brown said.

Brown has lived in the Meadow Woods neighborhood in Thomasville for a decade.

There are major concerns for the place she calls home.

Balderas lives near the same intersection and says more needs to be done to slow drivers down.

“Eventually, somebody is going to be hit,” Balderas said. “Something has to be done.”

Kaitlin Skeen recalls a wreck that happened at the intersection in February.

The driver made an improper turn and crashed into another vehicle stopped at the stop sign.

“It’s kind of scary because I have two kids. They’re six and seven, and they like to play outside a lot. I’m afraid one day they’re going to run out in the road, and one of these cars are not going to slow down, and they’re going to get hit,” she said.

A spokesperson with Thomasville Police Department told FOX8 they only received one complaint about the area.

To address it, they sent an officer to monitor traffic sporadically throughout the week.

Our crews saw at least three patrol vehicles Wednesday afternoon. Officers noticed a few drivers going above the speed limit, and they used enforcement action.

We’re told if more neighbors begin to complain, a traffic study will be conducted, but in the meantime, officers will continue to patrol and monitor the traffic in the subdivision.