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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A Greensboro pastor is speaking out after his church’s bell was stolen.

According to JR Gossett, interim pastor of Grace Baptist Church on Fairfax Road, the bell was stolen on Wednesday night.

Surveillance video from the night shows a gray four-door sedan backing up to the bell. Two people appear to get out, unbolt the bell, tie a rope or chain around it and drag it away.

Gossett was dumbfounded.

“What is someone going to do with a church bell?” he said. “The only thing we could figure was they might sell it for scrap metal but who would have the gall to steal a church bell?”

He says the church would be willing to “forgive and forget” if they can get the bell back.

“It is part of the history of this church and when somebody steals your history, it just shocks you, and breaks your heart,” he said. “You just want to get that back. You know, that’s the main thing, getting it back. We can buy a new bell, but it won’t be that bell. It won’t be our history. It won’t be the bell that has been here for all these years.”