‘They’re looking to hear from people they know’; the continuing efforts to encourage vaccinations in the Piedmont Triad

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BURLINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — As the dangerous Delta variant rapidly spreads across the United States, health leaders are urging unvaccinated people to get the shot.

“I was hesitant in terms of just how quickly it was produced and what was the science behind it, if it actually worked,” said Masih, who had concerns about the vaccine.

Masih wasn’t planning to get the shot, but went to his doctor to talk about it.

“I was wondering about the process and how my body would react,” Masih said. “They reassured that it was tested and that it worked.”

The conversation helped change his mind.

“We know some people are still deliberating, we respect that completely,” said Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, the chair of the White House COVID-19 Equity Task Force. “We also know the work is urgent given the Delta variant.”

Health leaders are concerned about the highly contagious Delta variant since the vaccine effort has slowed. Nunez-Smith told FOX8 unvaccinated people between 18 to 26 are in the most danger of getting sick.

“More transmissible, more contagious, spreads more easily from person to person and can cause more severe disease putting young people really at great risk,” said Nunez-Smith.

Barriers like registration, transportation and child-care in the highest risk areas are being addressed. Churches, workplaces, volunteer groups, even barber shops and beauty salons have played an important role to connect people to vaccine clinics.

“It’s never been easier. It’s never been more convenient. The supply is certainly there, but so much misinformation, disinformation particularly on social media about the vaccines,” she said.

Nunez-Smith said people should turn to doctors, family members, and friends who got the shot to find out more about their concerns.

“They’re looking to hear from people they know, what made you get vaccinated, how was your experience, really importantly what is your life like now that you’re vaccinated,” Nunez-Smith said.

Masih told FOX8 he’s going to share his experience and plans to volunteer at a vaccine clinic on CityGate Dream Center on July 10th.

“It builds trust, and it shows that anybody can get the vaccine,” Masih said. “They should if they have a spot.”

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