ARCHDALE, N.C. (WGHP) — May the Fourth is more than just a date on a calendar for Star Wars fans. They use the day to celebrate and immerse themselves in the lore of a science fiction property they’ve grown to love over the past 50 years.  

May the Fourth is a reference to the classic line used by the rebels throughout the story: “may the Force be with you.”  

The day has been around since 1978, the year after the first Star Wars film was released, which was the year Michael Cosner first watched the film.  

Cosner now owns a store in Archdale called The Star Wars Store and sells collectibles and vintage toys to fans and families from all over.

“There are people who come in that are my age, and they’ve got their kids. And their kids are now collecting. They’re looking for their favorite character,” he said.

He got his first toy when he was four in 1981 when his parents bought him a Darth Vader set and Tie-Fighter seen at the end of “A New Hope.”

“It’s just really something that meant a lot to me. Because…with the toys you could re-enact some of that stuff,” Cosner said.  

In 2012, the Star Wars fan looked to recapture that imagination through a mission of his own. He wanted to collect all 97 of the original Star Wars toys released during the run of the original trilogy.  

Through that, he found himself called to a different path to build a collection and sell it to other fans and families who want to discover their own piece of a galaxy far, far away.   

“Our parents wanted to pass down certain things to us, and that’s what we’re wanting to do with our kids,” Cosner said.

He now travels to conventions and sells hundreds of collectibles that span over decades and range from a few dollars to close to $900.  

“I only collect vintage toys, and there’s a reason for that,” he explained. “Obviously, those are just the toys I had as a kid. But now, with Disney owning the property, there is just no end to it.”  

His goal now is to spread the love for the films and the toys, to everyone who happens to stumble upon his shop.