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(WGHP) — Multiple vehicles were stolen in three Triad cities in less than 24 hours. Five children between the ages of 15 and 17 are facing charges.

Greensboro police data shows car burglaries are down 2% for the year, but up 8% between Nov. 14 and Dec. 12.

Burlington police officials tell FOX8 their officers recovered many of the vehicles stolen recently in Burlington. Law enforcement also discovered the young suspects used one of the stolen vehicles to drive to UNCG’s campus where they reportedly smashed their way into several vehicles in parking lots near Highland Avenue.

Sarah Cothern was one of the victims. She woke up Wednesday morning to her car missing from her driveway.

“We just woke up and it was gone,” Cothern said. “My nana is a part of a group text for this area. And she’d gotten a bunch of text messages of people’s cars who had been broken into. She looked outside and she saw her car which was right there and wasn’t broken into and mine was gone.”

Hers was one of at least four vehicles stolen between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in Greensboro, Burlington and Graham. Cothern admits she left her doors unlocked and the keys inside. She says her neighborhood is safe and she had never had a problem with crime.

“It’s a nice place to live, it’s a nice place to be. Stuff just doesn’t usually happen,” Cothern said.

About 15 minutes away, Nick Crane was having a similar Wednesday morning.

“I gotta be at work at 7 so it’s kind of a rush. I walk out of that door right there and my truck’s usually sitting right here and it was gone,” he said.

He also admits he left his doors unlocked with the keys inside.

“I’m not smart for leaving my keys in there, that wasn’t smart, but I definitely learned my lesson on that,” Crane said.

FOX8 is told the group also broke into vehicles in other areas of Greensboro the same night of the thefts.

More charges are expected in those crimes and the break-ins at UNCG.