HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Susie, the dog whose inspirational story of survival helped strengthen animal abuse laws in North Carolina has passed away, the woman who adopted Susie, Donna Smith Lawrence, confirmed on Facebook.

Susie’s Law made animal cruelty a low-level felony and allows judges to sentence offenders to jail in certain cases. It went into effect in 2010.

The law passed after a court sentenced a man in 2009 to probation for setting Susie on fire as a 10-week-old puppy, sparking outrage amongst North Carolinians.

Susie was found with severe second and third-degree burns over most of her body in Greenfield Park in south Greensboro. Her ears were burned off and she had a broken jaw and teeth.

Despite the horrible abuse she suffered, Susie became a certified therapy dog. She went to schools, hospitals and churches to bring messages of kindness, respect and responsibility to children and adults.

Susie won the American Humane Hero Dog Of The Year award in 2014.

Lawrence revealed in January that Susie was diagnosed with a bone tumor of the spine.

Lawrence revealed in February that Susie’s CT scans revealed that she was in fact suffering from bone cancer.

Susie’s inspiring story was made into a film “Susie’s Hope” in 2013.

Lawrence remembered Susie’s legacy in a Facebook post on Friday:

“To all my family, friends and fans whom I have loved and so adored. This is Susie, today I crossed over to The Rainbow Bridge. I passed peacefully from my mom’s loving embrace into God’s. I am no longer in any pain. I want you to know my mommy and daddy did everything in their power to keep me here as long as they could. In January, I was only expected to live a few weeks, but through my mom’s determination and unwavering care, I have had 9 amazing and unforgettable months! We have had so much bonding time in the past 9 months that I will always cherish. My mom never left my side other than to go to work and slept with me every single night. We even got to go to the beach together and boy did I love that trip! My mom said we will take this journey one day at a time into the next chapter of our lives. She promised me that when I was ready that she loved me enough to let me go despite her wishing that I could live forever. Last night, I let her know that I was ready to cross over and put away my worn-out body and step into my new body with no more scars and no more pain. As hard as it was for my family, they decided that they would honor my wishes! I want to thank each and everyone one of you for all of your love and support for me and my family over the past 13 years. It’s been an amazing life for me, one full of love and adventure. I have never wanted for anything, my mommy saw to that. Mom and Dad loved me unconditionally and have always been there for me. The first chapter of my life story was painful for me, but boy did it get so much better. My wish is that all animals could have a wonderful home full of love and joy like I have been blessed with! Even though I went through horrific abuse, I was adopted by two of the most kind, loving and compassionate people and I’ve known only love for the past 13 years! My family and I have so many cherished memories and no abuse could ever take away from me! My mom said that looking at my scars every day reminded her of all the love and forgiveness animals have towards people! She was right. I was adopted into my wonderful home in 2009 at Christmas time and my mommy put a big red bow on me and said I was her special Christmas present. Mom and Dad were the best presents that I could have ever imagined! She prayed that she would be able to adopt me as we shared similar stories of abuse. I brought healing to her just like she brought healing to me. She was attacked by a dog and I was attacked by a human just 9 months apart and we both survived and found each other. We helped each other heal and it was meant to be. My life has never been the same. It started out with me and Babygirl, but I ended up with lots of rescued siblings along the way. My life has been one of total happiness and completeness and one that I and my mom will cherish forever. We were an amazing and unstoppable team and did so much good for other animals giving them a voice through Susie’s Law! My abuse led to other animals being protected and my Mom and I helped pioneer Susie’s Law with others in the community. We wanted animal abusers to go to jail and now they will! We also decided to start our own nonprofit, Susie’s Hope, dedicated to protecting and standing up for animals, giving them a voice! We expanded into rescuing and finding homes for unwanted, abused and neglected animals in the community as well as across the country. We teamed up with Eve Roser who helped make that happen and we became a team. We have helped thousands of animals over the years and I give many thanks to my special friends, Robin Hudson, Eve Roser, Robin Munden, Deborah Hodges and so many more. I won the American Humane Hero Dog Award in 2014 and that was such a fun adventure and honor. My mommy and I will always be proud of my movie, books and stuffed animals as they are great tools to get the word out about Susie’s Law and what I went through. So pull out the movie, snuggle up with your Susie dog and read my books when you feel you are missing me. I will always be with you! I just want to say that you all must keep fighting for animal rights in my honor! Never let abuse go unnoticed, keep reporting when you see an animal mistreated, neglected, abused or tortured. If my abuse had gone unnoticed, I wouldn’t have lived as long as I did and accomplished so much to help other animals like me. I am so thankful to everyone who saved my life, and has been involved in my life in any way! I have had so many wonderful friends over the years and I will never forget you all and all the love that we shared! I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH! Until we meet again, be kind and love one another. God Bless!”

Donna Smith Lawrence