Surge of teens hitting the workforce in the Triad

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — There is a surge of teens hitting the workforce, and there are plenty of jobs right here in the Triad for them. 

As high school graduation is upon us, teens are thinking about their next move 

“Everyone wants jobs for different reasons. Like cars and college,” said Pa Reh, a high school senior. 

The only way some of them can get those things is if they get jobs themselves. 

“I’ve applied to some big-time stores like Walmart, Lowes,” Reh said. 

Reh is graduating high school next week and he’s hoping an employer will give him a chance to get real-life work experience for his resume and make some cash while doing it. 

“Personally, for me, to help out my family for college stuff,” Reh said. 

Lucky for him, places like Tropical Smoothie Cafe are hiring.  

“We have a lot of people who are applying who are under the age that we hire at. But we do see that they are willing to work,” said Aymesha Cleveland, Tropical Smoothie Cafe manager. 

She said they have about 20 positions available and start at $9/hour which is almost $2 more than North Carolina’s minimum wage. 

“We do have tips. We split tips throughout the shift,” Cleveland said. 

Next door to Tropical Smoothie is Crumbl Cookies. The manager, Jamie Longville, said most of his brand new 55-member team are either teens or in their early 20s. 

“It’s a little bit surprising. The candidates that we have and have expressed interest in working have all been very strong and have a strong work ethic,” Longville said. 

He said he tells his employees to prioritize education and works with their schedules.  

And they offer some pretty sweet incentives that attract a younger demographic 

“We pay above minimum wage plus tips, and we also offer free cookies for employees and discounts for larger orders. Everything considered it’s a pretty competitive package,” Longville said. 

Which makes getting that summer job a win-win for teens. 

Other business owners tell FOX8 hiring teens comes with its ups and downs because the turnover rate after summer is higher because many are only working for a season. 

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