STOKESDALE, N.C. (WGHP) — A man who was federally indicted for threats against an FBI agent who came to his home to question him about threatening emails will remain in custody.

Court documents filed on Dec. 22 outline the case against Stephen Jike Williams and why he should not be released from custody while he awaits trial.

Williams is accused of threatening an FBI agent both in person and via various conspiracy-laden TikToks posted to accounts attributed to him over the course of several weeks in October and November of 2022. He was indicted by a grand jury at the end of November and was scheduled to be arraigned at the end of December.

New documents

Williams waived his right to appear at his arraignment. The documents outline the concern that Williams would be a danger to the community if released, and that his distrust and hostility towards law enforcement would put anyone assigned to monitor him in danger, additionally the document outlines concerns that he would attempt to obstruct justice by intimidating or threatening witnesses or not appear at his court dates.

When he was taken into custody during a traffic stop, Williams told deputies that they did the arrest the “right way” and that if the FBI had surrounded his house it would have “ended differently.”

During the detention hearing, an agent testified about more videos allegedly made by Williams that were not included in the original filings. The officer said that on Nov. 8 another video was posted on Williams’s account where he discussed the Oct. 3 encounter.

“I told them … I would shoot them in the f—— face. And I will.” The video also included various criticisms of law enforcement and additional threats. The officer says that Williams said he told them to get off of his property “before I declare you an enemy combatant because it’s my duty to handle you here and now.”

A woman identified as his fiancee in the documents, who lives in Williams’s home with her daughter and Williams’s daughter, testified that she would be willing to be a third-party custodian for his release. She discussed Williams’s generosity and told the court she had been living there for 11 months. She said that Williams had not been violent or pointed a weapon at anyone to her knowledge. She did admit that Williams “can get angry.”

His fiancee is also identified as a Costa Rican citizen and did testify that she and Williams have visited both Costa Rica and Mexico on trips.

She was aware of the guns in the house but didn’t know where they were all kept. The documents state concern that agents did not seize all of them and there might be more weapons hidden in the home.

The court ruled to keep Williams in custody based on these allegations, factoring in a prior arrest related to domestic violence and convictions for driving while impaired, the documents show, stating “the Court has serious concerns as the safety of the community,” calling Williams “confrontational, threatening and abusive.”

More details about the allegations against Williams can be found here.