BURLINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — You might notice higher gas prices driving up to the pump, but the cost of diesel is nearing an all-time high.

North Carolina’s current average sits at $5.14 according to AAA. That’s up more than $2.00 from this time last year.

A gallon of diesel cost $5.79 per gallon at the Travel Centers of America station in Burlington on Saturday. When the cost of diesel goes up, the cost to transport products rises in turn.

Truck drivers are feeling pain at the pump.

“I just put almost $450,” said Cresean Miller, truck driver. “Two days ago I put $300. Two days before that I put $350.”

The higher prices are putting a dent in your wallet at the supermarket.

“Basically as soon as diesel went up, chicken, beef, everything else went up,” said Miller.

Diesel prices across the country and in the Piedmont Triad are skyrocketing. It used to cost Miller about $350 to fill up his 200-gallon tank. Now, it costs that much just to fill up a third of the tank.

“I just put 70 gallons in my truck and it was over $350,” he said. “If I would’ve put 200 gallons in there it would’ve come out to almost a thousand dollars.”

Drivers who pay for their fuel out of pocket, like Miller, are losing money.

“Just imagine getting paid like $2,400 a week,” he said. “Now, it’s like $1,500.”

It’s forced drivers to stretch their tanks as far as they can to save a buck.

“I want to go and try to find somewhere cheaper,” said Julia Frazier, truck driver. “See if we have enough gas to make it to a different state and it may be a little lower.”

These drivers are worried about the future of the industry as their paychecks get smaller.

“It’s going to run them away, even the younger guys,” said Miller. “Once they understand they can make more money at home, they’re not going to want to do this.”

These drivers told FOX8 their trucks get about six miles per gallon. With the price of diesel at $5.79, that means they’re paying nearly $1.00 per mile.