(WGHP) — Some of the most overvalued homes in the nation could be in the Piedmont Triad.

Two cities in the Piedmont Triad ranked in the top 50 US housing markets, according to a Florida Atlantic University study.

Greensboro is listed at #31, and Winston-Salem isn’t far behind at #33.

The average price for a home in the Greensboro metro area was listed as $223,980 on April 30 with the expected price being around $159,131. This means there is a premium of 40.75%, according to the study.

Winston-Salem is similar. On April 30, a home in the metro area was listed with an average price of $229,612 and an expected price of around $164,860. The premium is just under Greensboro at 39.28%.

Charlotte and Raleigh ranked even higher at #11 and #14 respectively.

The study listed 15 markets where homes are priced at over 50% of their value. The number in Charlotte is 55%, and the number in Raleigh is 51.70%.