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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Instead of boarding the traditional yellow buses this morning, many high school students will be boarding a city bus.

This major change for parents and students in Guilford County is in place for at least the next two weeks due to the growing bus driver shortage across the district.

As they head out the door this morning, students should have their One Card and make sure they’re standing at a blue and white High Tran bus stop sign. Some students will need to change buses at transfer stations. This will be free of charge as long as they have their One Card.

Extra transit staff will be around to help students navigate if they need it.

City officials in both Greensboro and High Point have a lot of resources for parents and students today, including TransLoc, an online service and app to help parents navigate the bus system and allows them to track the bus their student is on in real-time.

This app or Google Maps can tell parents when their student needs to be at the bus stop.

There has also been school staff who have volunteered to drive students from more remote areas to their bus stops, the district says.

Many parents have voiced concerns about this change, some voicing concerns at a demonstration as families were given 48 hours to find their new bus stop or another way to get to school.

The City of High Point Transit calls it a challenging time but wants parents to know her drivers are here to help. “It’s probably more difficult for us as parents than it is for students, but our drivers at some point and time, they have all been parents of elementary, middle and high schoolers, so they understand. They are wonderful people, and they will love on your children just like they were their own,” Wynes says.

If parents have any questions about their student’s bus route, they should call the GCS Transportation Hotline at (888) 511-4427.

The list of impacted schools can be found here.