HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — A High Point man was unexpectedly attacked by a fox in the middle of the afternoon on Tuesday.

A neighbor who happened to be outside at the same time is being credited as a hero.

Darrin Watson’s mother said he was at his sister’s house in High Point fixing one of her cars when a fox came out from under the car he was working on and attacked him.

He tried running into the house, but the fox bit him multiple times on his leg.

Chuck Alston, who lives next door, says he was outside when this all happened.

“I was going to my car…and I heard this crazy noise, and I thought it was one of those birds flying over making noise because that’s the kind of noise it was making,” Alston said.

He heard Watson yell and immediately tried to help.

“I yelled at the fox to kind of just get away from him pretty much. And by then, it had already bitten him, and the fox kind of ran off and just went across the street and laid down,” Alston said.

Alston called the police and sat with Watson until paramedics arrived to make sure he was OK.

Darrin’s mother, Anita McCallum, rushed to the house from work when she got the call. She was grateful to find that her son would be OK.

“I was just so scared for his life because it could have been my grandkids outside or anybody outside,” McCallum said. “I just thank God that he’s alive and that the neighbor was out there with him, and it didn’t get worse than it was.”

Watson’s mother tells us he was taken to Moses Cone for treatment. He’s expected to be OK.

Animal control found and caught the fox, and it died shortly after. It’s being tested for rabies.