STOKESDALE, N.C. (WGHP) — Court documents show that a Stokesdale man has been accused of threatening FBI agents through various videos on TikTok.

According to the documents, on Sept. 18, someone emailed The Good Information Foundation, a liberal non-profit fact-checking organization. On Sept. 19, an employee with that organization saw the email and reported it to law enforcement. The employee later said that the email was in response to a TikTok influencer saying that The Good Information Foundation was paying influencers to create anti-Trump content.

The documents state that the email read: “You are hereby ordered by we the people under the laws of the constitution to cease and desist all defamation and slander of Maga Republicans (sic) and Donald Trump. This is Treason an act of war and we will treat you accordingly. You have till the end of the month to print a retraction whistle blow on yourself or I will shut you down personally.

“Lethal action will be necessary if any physical detainment is attempted when I shut you down. Leave peacefully or your children will forget who you are.”

This email was passed from The Good Information Foundation’s lawyer to an FBI Special Agent, who opened an investigation due to the threatening language of the email. They identified the sender as Stephen Jike Williams of Stokesdale, North Carolina. He is a country singer under the name Jike Williams, according to Spotify.

On Oct. 3, a female FBI agent and a Guilford County Sheriff’s Office deputy attempted to interview Williams at his home in Stokesdale. When they arrived on the property, Williams allegedly ran towards the officer’s vehicle and shouted, “Why the (expletive) are you on my property?”

The special agent identified herself and showed her credentials, and documents say that Williams then got enraged. He began yelling that the DOJ and the FBI hired a Russian agent to “steal the election” and told them to get off of his property multiple times.

The deputy told Williams he worked for the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, but Williams was mostly focused on the special agent, who he was allegedly screaming at and spitting on. She asked him why he was so upset but he continued to scream at her until the deputy asked him to stop, but he was still irate, the document says.

Williams allegedly called the female special agent a “b—-” multiple times and told the deputy to arrest her and “have her executed for treason and sedition.”

“I’m going to take you out,” he told the special agent.

When asked to clarify what he meant by that, documents state that Williams said, “You know what I meant.”

Williams was advised that if he was threatening to kill or harm a federal agent he would be charged. He did not clarify his comment about taking the Special Agent out. He asked if they had a search warrant and when they said that they didn’t, he continued to demand they get off his property.

The agent and deputy left Williams’ property without interviewing him about his emails to The Good Information Foundation.

On Oct. 7, the FBI National Threat Operation Center received a complaint from someone identified as JK who said that they had seen a TikTok in which a man was “threatening to kill FBI agents.” He provided a link to the video. After a follow-up call the next day, JK provided a screenshot from the video that showed that it had been posted by “@jikewilliamsofficial.”

Williams had posted a video about his encounter with the FBI entitled “F— the FBI.” In it, he said, “The FBI showed up at my house the other day, Monday, a female agent along with a sheriff.” He then began to allege that the FBI is corrupt and called them “enemy combatants.”

“The FBI, at this point in time, has no jurisdiction. If they come to your home, point your weapon at them, open fire on them and take them out. They are enemy combatants. By the Constitution, they are enemy combatants,” he said in part.

“Wake up America. Listen, if the FBI – I told the FBI, if you come back, come hot.”

He goes on to say that the FBI has been put on “notice” if they return to his property and that he wouldn’t talk to them but would “bust your f—— head open with f—— .308s.” Then threatened to “take that AK-47” from them and “kill the rest of those m————.”

“Shoot ’em on sight.”

On Oct. 13, two more TikToks were found on Williams’s alleged account, responding to a commenter and telling them he “punked” the FBI and “stood them down, kicked them out of the yard.” He went on to accuse them of treason, sedition and conspiracy to overthrow the government.

Another video showed him in a garage, responding to another comment that the agent did not see, regarding shooting.

On Oct 24., another video was posted on Williams’s TikTok where he accused the FBI of being corrupt. However, the documents state that Williams’s TikTok was suspended, so the video was not downloaded.

On Oct. 31, Williams allegedly posted another video to a different account, “@jikewilliams,” containing threatening statements toward the FBI. The court documents transcribe the video. He rants against Russia, the FBI, federal law enforcement, Joe Biden, Klaus Schwab, “Australian police” and then says “Execute those m———— on sight.”

He then showed multiple guns to the camera, according to documents.

“Kill every f——- one of ’em that you can,” he said, the document shows.

Due to the threatening language in the TikToks and emails, an arrest warrant was issued for Stephen Jike Williams for threatening to murder a Federal law enforcement officer with intent to impede or interfere with an investigation and communicating threats.