RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — A threat to shoot up a school being circulated on the internet did not originate in Randolph County.

On Thursday night, deputies were made aware of a possible threat against Randolph County Schools. Detectives are investigating a picture circulating on Snapchat that shows a phone screen displaying a message that threatened to commit a school shooting on May 5.

The threat shown does not mention a specific school and has been circulated far beyond Randolph County, to multiple schools across North Carolina and the country. The sheriff’s office included a screenshot of several news articles from other places, including Orlando, that received the same “threat.”

However, the school district is increasing security measures at schools today as a precaution and the sheriff’s office is investigating the origins of the threat.

Asheboro Police confirm they will have extra officers on Asheboro school campuses as well.

Good Morning, ACS Families. This is Gayle Higgs, Director of Support Services. This morning we were made aware of a social media post of a threatening nature towards schools. Please note this post was sent nationally and reshared within the AHS community. We are working in conjunction with the Asheboro Police Department to address this issue. Additional safety measures are in place at Asheboro High School and we will remain vigilant at all other ACS locations throughout the day. As always our main purpose is to ensure the safety and security of our students. If additional factual information becomes available, we will follow up with our families. Thank you for your continuous support of Asheboro City Schools.

Message to parents from Asheboro City Schools

Guilford County Schools is aware that school districts across the state are receiving nonspecific threats today that law enforcement has determined are not credible. We take any threat seriously, and we will continue to follow all protocols in partnership with law enforcement to ensure the safety of students and staff. Students who convey threats of any kind will receive school and legal consequences. To help prevent the spread of misinformation, please only share information that you can personally verify. If you have questions about something you have heard or seen online, please call your child’s school directly. The safety of our students and staff is our primary concern, and we know it is yours as well.

Gabrielle Brown, Guilford County Schools representative

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools says they have not received any threats today, but they are aware other districts have been dealing with threats.

“My son called me in fear,” said Darran Ball, a Randolph County parent. “We need to stop this. 

He said he and his son were comforted by the police presence at the school.  

Randolph County was one of several local law enforcement agencies that sent extra manpower to schools where patrol vehicles were seen out front of campuses all day long.  

“It’s scary. It’s just not something you take lightly in this day and time,” Amber Goins said.

She picked up her children from school. She says she’d rather be safe than sorry, which is a sentiment law enforcement officials understood as well. 

“I am a parent…and have children in the public school system…and I share their concerns as well,” Lt. Col. Steven Nunn said.

Nunn also urged people to be careful about sending unverified social media threats and share them with school administrators and law enforcement instead to prevent fueling the rumor fire.