ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Rockingham County Schools is working to put more school resources officers in elementary schools.

The district will get $1.2 million in grants from the Noth Carolina Center for Safety School at the North Carolina of Public Instruction.

RCS is receiving a $599,900 grant for new SROs and $587,978 for school safety equipment.

The school safety equipment grant will allow for more school security, cameras, reunification kits, school radios and WiFi hotspots for reunification sites.

RCS will be meeting and collaborating with local law enforcement in the coming months to detail this agreement.

The district said it would allow them to hire more officers, giving them the resources to put one SRO on each elementary school campus.

Right now, the district has three SROs covering 13 elementary schools around the district.

“Just having an officer at every single one of our schools just really reinforces that message that there is trained law enforcement at all of our schools. And if any incident happens whatsoever, we will have a trained professional there to handle it,” said Public Information Officer for RCS Adam Powell.

Powell said the three officers work in zones to cover the school, and the new grant will allow them to have more help to protect the students.

Powell said in the coming months, the district will meet with the sheriff’s office to put more plans in place for SROs.

“The school system above all wants to provide a safe environment for our children, and I do believe that it requires a level of vigilance as far as knowing something could happen,” Powell said.