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ARCHDALE, N.C. (WGHP) — The ongoing investigation into a fuel leak had roads closed and business owners concerned in Archdale.

Monday night, streets and businesses reopened after crews were on the scene investigating the fuel leak for most of Monday. The area was closed off early Tuesday morning, but the barricades were removed around 8 a.m., allowing businesses to open as normal.

Business owners in the area were scared and concerned when they were forced to shut down Monday. “Losing a whole day of business, a small business we can’t take those kinds of hits,” Monica Moyer, who owns Archdale Bakery, said.

Around 10 a.m. Monday, people reported smelling gasoline near the Circle K at North Main Street and NC 62. Firefighters with Guil-Rand Fire Department determined there was fuel in a storm drain that had been leaking into a small nearby creek.

They learned that 475 gallons of fuel may be missing from a 20,000-gallon tank, but Randolph County Emergency Management officials say there’s no way to know how much fuel has really leaked into the creek.

Clean-up operations in the area caused a dozen businesses to evacuate Monday afternoon. According to the Guil-Rand Fire Chief, the Circle K will remain closed as officials investigate.

“DEQ’s divisions of Waste Management and Water Resources are on site and investigating to determine the size, nature, and scope of the release. The discharge has been contained. We have determined the leaked material did enter the storm drain and into a nearby stream,” said the NC Division of Environment and Natural Resources.

Officials said Monday that this response is out of an abundance of caution. The leak has not reached drinking water supplies, and it’s unclear how much environmental damage will result from this.