WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — A group of renters in Winston-Salem are the latest tenants concerned about rising rental costs in the Triad. 

Indira White has rented her unit at Ladeara Crest Apartments for years and was told her rental rate would increase from about $540 monthly to about $800. 

“Basically homeless, (because) I don’t have anywhere else to go,” she said Wednesday. “It’s been very hard, I’ve been looking.” 

Some renters like Angela Dodd were initially told they would no longer be able to use their section eight vouchers. Following a two-hour meeting with complex officials and property managers, they were told existing renters would be able to continue using them. 

Dodd recently had heart surgery and had worried about securing a new affordable place to live. 

“Housing here is gone sky high, I’ve been going for two weeks and it’s nothing you can’t find anything,” she said. 

A property manager at Ladeara said the complex did not wish to comment on the situation. 

It’s not just a problem in Winston-Salem. Josie Williams of the Greensboro Housing Coalition has struggled to secure housing for dozens of residents at New Garden Manor Apartments, and others. 

“We’re talking about hundreds that are simultaneously experiencing risk of displacement happening right now in our city hundreds,” she said. 

A letter sent to New Garden Manor residents Tuesday grants an extension to Oct. 1 before rents increase, and nearly double in some cases. 

Williams said the extension buys some time, but more immediate action is needed to prevent homelessness. 

“There are some things going on around the development of repurposing buildings such as hotels, we need to see more of that. That could be not necessarily an immediate response because that takes some time, but it is something we should do more of them. I would want to see the developers incentivized and I would like to have barriers decrease to the development of housing,” she said.