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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — More than a dozen townhomes could be built on West Friendly Avenue near the Friendly Shopping Center if a rezoning request passes on Monday.

“We would like to keep our neighborhood, our neighborhood,” said Seth May, who lives steps away from the proposed development site. “Changing the nature of the city, let’s do it in the right way that takes the people who live here into account first.”

A rezoning request for Hayden Park Townhomes is being considered by the Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission. It would include 23 new units, a mix of three-story townhomes, and two-story homes on nearly two acres at the corner of West Friendly Avenue and West Avondale Drive in the Starmount Forest neighborhood.

May moved into the neighborhood a year ago. “We moved here on purpose, and we didn’t move other places because we didn’t want to be closer to big buildings,” he said. “We have our first kid on the way, so we’re just concerned about crossing the street and we walk a lot in the neighborhood.” 

Hayden Park Townhomes Developer and President of Granville Homes Will Yearns told FOX8 the proposed community has space for 100 cars with an entrance on Avondale Drive, but plans keep traffic from becoming an issue.  

“We’re going to try to mitigate everything that we’re adding to the traffic and keep the level of service the same,” Yearns said. 

A traffic study indicates there won’t be a major impact. May told FOX8 it’s not enough. “Just adding extra safety features, like maybe a roundabout, maybe a turn lane, maybe another entrance on another street, something that would help us to reduce the amount of traffic,” he said. 

Another issue neighbors are concerned about is flash flooding in the area.

“The water literally floods the whole street,” said Liz Hart, who has lived in the Starmount Forest neighborhood for 12 years. “All the way over our driveway and you can also see it goes over this creek into the yards of the people on Edgewater [Drive] all the way down.” 

Hart told FOX8 the proposed development may make the existing flash flooding of the creek at Avondale and Edgewater Dr. even worse. The City of Greensboro is responsible for the creek maintenance. 

“Our concern is where does that water go then from there, it might take it away from there, but then where does it go,” she said. “It doesn’t necessarily address the existing problem we’ve had.” 

Yearns said the development will store and treat the stormwater it collects, then pipe it down to the creek. Plans do not indicate exactly where the community stormwater will enter the creek. 

“Our project is not going to add to the existing problem, so it’s in some cases might help, not everybody, but with us rerouting water, treating it and containing it,” he said. “The water that’s currently flowing off the property into neighboring properties will no longer be flowing that direction.” 

Yearns told FOX8 he has not purchased the property. He is waiting for the results of a rezoning public hearing on July 19 at 5:30 p.m. in the Greensboro City Council chambers. 

“Hopefully some of my projects can try to elevate some of the other problems to the fix list sooner,” he said.

Neighbors told FOX8 they have filed a request for continuance and hope the vote is postponed giving more time for people to look over the plans.