ARCHDALE, N.C. (WGHP) — A 140-page report by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services details 19 substantiated complaints against Westwood Health and Rehabilitation in Archdale. 

There were three situations where state officials deemed conditions put residents in “immediate jeopardy” related to wound care at the Ashland Avenue facility. 

A state survey team found that staff failed to notify physicians about changes in wound care and did not conduct weekly skin sweeps to assess patients, and administrators did not provide proper oversight when it came to wound care. 

An unannounced recertification survey was conducted from March 28 to 31.  

State officials report one woman recovering from hip surgery did not have staples removed as instructed. She was taken to the hospital after a change in consciousness. The report alleges staff members failed to monitor for signs of infection. 

Another woman was said to have necrosis on her heel, which could have been prevented by a weekly evaluation. 

Other violations inside the facility dealt with patient hygiene. One woman received a single shower from March 1 to March 29. According to her personal care records, she received bed baths in place of two showers per week. 

At least four patients were observed with overgrown or dirty fingernails, some with a black substance underneath. 

Officials with Westwood and Consulate Health have not responded to our requests for a response to the violations.  

In a plan of correction, Westwood told the state that all patients have been assessed for changes in condition as of April 8. 

The nurse manager, executive director and other staff members will observe staff and conduct random quality reviews.  

The nurse manager also educated staff members on providing proper wound care. 

According to the report, an ad hoc quality assurance performance improvement committee would also review several plans on April 28. 

All immediate jeopardy violations were removed on April 9. 

You can read the report in full here.