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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The recent deadly attacks in Buffalo, New York, and Laguna Woods, California, have impacted communities in the Piedmont Triad to reach out to local services for mental health help.

Shawn Taylor, clinical manager for Cone Behavioral Health Outpatient Services, said this week, that the facility has had more people calling in need of help with anxiety.

“We have that increase, and we’ve recently had that with the buffalo situation,” Taylor said.

Taylor said people have been expressing the thoughts of feeling unsafe in certain areas.

“We get patients coming in wanting to get assessed, just want to know that there are resources out there that we can connect them that can hear them, that can help with the anxiety,” Taylor said.

Taylor said to help people deal with tragedies like the most recent attacks, they have a long list of ways to help, including support groups and meetings with therapists to help cope with the anxiety.

Leaders of the Guilford County Behavioral Health Urgent Care Center said the one-stop-shop has been capable of handling the influx of people who need help with mental health.

“There’s no wrong door to walk in, so when they walk in here, our goal is to help them get connected to the services they need and provide them all they need in this setting,” said Debra Mack, director of Mental Health Services for Guilford County. 

The facility at 913 Third Street in Greensboro is 24 hours for people who need an outlet.