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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — The Randolph County Board of Education passed a resolution to make masks optional in school settings.

Their resolution was passed, citing that the statewide mandate ended on June 11 and that the CDC has said that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks in most settings.

While health officials have said they mean to release updated guidance on masks in school this week, Randolph County Board of Education voted to declare that not wearing a mask would “not violate any school rules.”

The resolution passed unanimously.

“All students, staff, and community members are encouraged to make their own decisions respecting their personal health and to choose whether to wear masks.”

“Last year we pulled our kids out of the school system and did private homeschooling because of the masks and the uncomfortableness of it for the kids, so if they do optional our kids will go back into the school system,” said Jennifer Compton, who has four children in the school system.

She said Tuesday she planned to keep them home another year depending on restrictions in the school.

“If they’re going to get sick they’re going to get sick, a mask I don’t believe it helps,” Compton said.

Several parents told us they agreed with the board’s statement that educators should not be focused on enforcement.

“I think the teachers can’t be one-on-one as good as they could if this mask stuff and six feet stuff wasn’t involved,” Josh Long said.

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It is unclear if updated state guidance could potentially affect this resolution down the road.

RCSS Superintendent Dr. Stephen Gainey released the following statement to FOX8:

“At the Randolph County Board of Education meeting on 7/19/21, a resolution regarding the use of cloth face coverings by students and staff members in the Randolph County School System was approved. This resolution makes the use of cloth face coverings optional. Therefore, students and staff members are not required to wear cloth face coverings. Instead, students and staff members can make their own decision regarding whether or not to wear a cloth face covering in the Randolph County School System. Please know that this decision by the Randolph County Board of Education is effective immediately. Therefore, it applies to the remaining days of our summer school program as well as the 2021-2022 school year.”