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TRINITY, N.C. (WGHP) — Just two days after a fiery crash, Nautica Hall is letting it all sink in.

“At first it was slow motion, then it all hit. It was very scary,” she said.

Monday afternoon, the 19-year-old who is 32-weeks pregnant was following her husband home when she was speeding around a curve on Covered Bridge Road.

“I lost control of my car. The back part of the wheel hit the back part of the road. I started to spin out, and I hit the ditch head-on, I kind of blacked out from there,” Nautica said.

Her husband Shawn watching it all unfold in his rearview mirror.

“All I remember is I watch it happen, jumped from my car, screamed, ‘baby girl,’ went to her window. I was doing anything to get her out,” he said.

He did just in time before her car went up in flames.

“As soon as I got her out of the window and got her in a safe distance, two minutes later the whole car went up in flames. If I had waited any longer, she might not be here,” Shawn said.

“My first thought was to see if my son was OK, I didn’t care about myself,” Nautica said.

Doctors at the Cone Health Women’s & Children’s Center treated Nautica for minor injuries, including back pain, and a burn mark left from her seatbelt.

“If it wasn’t for a seatbelt she probably would have been thrown from the window,” Shawn said.

Nautica also credits her husband for the miraculous rescue.

“I couldn’t get out. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have made it out. I didn’t have enough strength,” she said.

“We’re there for each other. I believe that’s what marriage is for. Saving each other from whatever, it may be emotional stress, family matters, or a burning car,” Shawn said.

Nautica tells FOX8 she travels the road often and never thought she would end up in a crash.

She wants to remind people to not speed and to wear their seatbelts.

She went on to say she is grateful she’ll be able to give birth to her son, Asher Leon Hall, in the next six weeks.