LEXINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — Before Judge David Hall handed down his sentence for voluntary manslaughter, the court heard from Jack and Sarah Corbett and other family members about the trauma their dad’s death left them with. 

The judge also heard apologies from Thomas Martens and Molly Corbett.

Corbett family’s victim impact statements

The state started by reading statements from Jason’s family members. The court heard from John and Wayne Corbett, who are Jason’s brothers, about the kind of brother he was. They talked about his love for sports and rugby and his deep love for his family. 

A portion of John’s statement read, “they gave my brother no chance. Why should they be given one?”

Jason’s sister Marilyn also submitted a statement writing their family, and especially Jack and Sarah, have been sentenced to a lifetime of heavy pain, sorrow and heartbreak. Marilyn believes Molly’s actions took away precious moments from their family.

The court also read statements from two of Jason’s nephews and the members of the Fitzpatrick family, who are related to Jason’s first wife Maragaret that died suddenly of an asthma attack.

One of the most powerful moments of the day came when Jason’s sister Tracey and two children Jack and Sarah stood up and spoke in their own words.

Tracey painted a picture of her loving brother Jason and how he visited his late wife’s grave every day and never wanted to give up on anyone, including Molly. 

Tracey said telling her parents their son was dead killed them as well. Their mother died before seeing justice for Jason, and their father, Tracey believes, is alive but wishing to see Jason and his wife again.

She also shared what it’s like to parent and care for two kids who have suffered an immense amount of trauma. The kids worry someone else they love could be taken away. 

Their personalities have faded since Molly and Martens were released, and they’ve continuously thought out different kinds of therapy since the day their dad was killed. 

She mentioned the children’s grief is compounded by guilt they could have done something differently. Tracey asked the court not to let innocent children down.

Jack’s impact statement covered the things he wished his dad could see that he won’t be around for: first dates, accomplishments and advice in tough situations. He’s lost trust in people and himself and has to work hard to see the best in people. He even contemplated taking his own life. Jack worried in his statement, Molly could do this to another family if the maximum sentence isn’t handed down. 

Sarah shared her dad made her feel loved. He was her soccer coach, always at all her activities, and the only thing she wanted was a father/daughter dance at her wedding.

She stated Molly and Martens made her and her brother orphans. 

She talked about Molly abusing her and her brother and said she once had to pull Molly off of Jack to stop her from hitting him. She says she was manipulated by Molly to lie after her father was dead and through the years Molly was in the kids’ lives.

Molly Corbett and Thomas Martens statements

In Molly’s statement to the court, she shared she is fully aware of her actions and tried to be the best wife and mother she could be. 

She shared through tears that not a day goes by she doesn’t feel the weight of her actions. She says she made the decision to protect her father and her screaming that night to alert Martens is a burden she’ll always bear.

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Martens reiterated his high respect for the law and apologized directly. 

He claims he begged Jason to let Molly go and when he started dragging her, he had no other choice. 

He told the court a better man could have produced a better result but he did the best he could.