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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Drivers were caught in the crossfire during a shooting on a busy stretch of road in Greensboro Wednesday evening.

Police say one person was hit by gunfire near the intersection of South Holden Road and West Florida Street.

People who live close by say they heard at least 10 shots fired off.

“I heard like three gunshots and I was a little alarmed and then it was like a series of like seven,” Gage Armstrong said.

Armstrong initially thought the noise was from someone setting off leftover fireworks, but when he saw traffic backed up and turned the corner, he knew it was something serious.

“It is a little bit alarming just being in the same neighborhood as something that’s going on like that because I had never seen it happen before here,” Armstrong said.

Officers taped off part of the intersection and spent hours collecting evidence. A blue car was pushed against the curb, the front end smashed, riddled with bullet holes and in the wrong lane of traffic. An investigator could also be seen placing evidence markers next to several shell casings on Holden Road.

Homeowners in the area are frustrated someone would put innocent people in harm’s way.

“Everybody needs to watch out what they are doing, be courteous to people around them, because that could have hurt kids or anybody driving on the road and it’s just important to realize it’s not your life you’re endangering, it’s everyone else on the road,” said Armstrong.

Police do not have any information on the shooter.