THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — A Thomasville man was hit by a minivan while on his bike and dragged for several feet.

Thomasville police say the hit and run happened around 10:30 p.m. on Aug. 9 near the intersection of Liberty Drive and Tower Road, southeast of downtown Thomasville. They’re still searching for the person in a gray minivan who hit Junior Trail III and dragged him, and then left the scene.

Trail says that the voice recognition on his phone saved his life by calling 911 when Google picked up him yelling for help.

It had been a typical bike ride home from work on that Tuesday, but it ended up in a trip to the hospital. “I looked to my side, and I see that it was green, and I looked beside of me and all I hear was like an engine just going, flooring it, and I look beside me and I see an minivan coming straight at me,” Trail said. “I was just thinking, hoping I will not die. That was my whole, the whole thing I was just mainly worried about at least can go see my family.”

Trail says the van stopped a short distance down the road and pulled his destroyed bike from underneath the van before leaving the scene. “He pulled my bike out, he just threw it off to the side. He was staring down at me, looking at me and he just drove off. “

While police search for the driver, Trail is recovering at home. “It’s hard to kind of relive that because I had a guy basically try to kill me on my bicycle after I got off of work.”

Trail says he wants to encourage bike riders to make sure they have a light on their bike if they ride at night.