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HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — High Point Police Department is attempting to clarify an incident that occurred at a Guilford County high school after video surfaced on social media.

According to High Point police, on Thursday, a fight broke out between two girls at High Point Central High School. Staff from High Point Central and the school resource officer intervened in the fight.

A video shot by a bystander to the fight was taken and has circulated on social media.

Police say that this fight happened between two students, a 9th grader and an 11th grader. The assistant principal and the SRO intervened, each grabbing one of the girls in attempting to separate them. They told the girls to stop fighting.

Allegedly, the 9th grader grabbed the 11th grader by her braids and wouldn’t let go even when told to by the SRO. The officer turned away to try and separate the girls, but the 9th grader wouldn’t let go and it caused the 11th grader’s hair to be stretched over the officer’s shoulder, causing her to be lifted and dragged behind the officer.

Per the release, the officer struck the arm of the girl holding the other student’s hair “multiple times” in order to get her to let go. As soon as this student let go of the other girl’s braids, the officer stopped hitting her arm, police say.

Charges from this incident are pending, but due to the young age of the people involved, there will be no more information released by the police.