HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — A nationwide baby formula shortage has parents across the country worried about how they will feed their infants and toddlers. 

Parents across the country are finding empty shelves when they go to the store looking for baby formula. Supply chain issues coupled with several big brand recalls are making the product so many families need hard to find.

“This is not just a formula shortage, this is a formula crisis,” said Greensboro mother, Cyerra Buck. She’s been having trouble finding formula for her 3-month-old. 

 “All the shelves are so empty, it’s exhausting,” she said. 

Parents are finding themselves having to travel from store to store, and sometimes city to city before finding what they need. 

“We have searched from Greensboro, High Point, even Winston-Salem all the way to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary,” said Graham mother Amanda Snipes. “It’s scary because you wonder is this the time that I’m going to run out?” she said. 

For many mothers like Snipes, formula is the only option.

“We adopted our daughter so I didn’t give birth to her, I can’t breastfeed. I do not have that as an option, so formula is like a necessity for me,” Snipes said. 

Danville, VA mother Freedom Jennings was already having a hard time finding specialty formula for her four-month-old. Now it’s gotten so bad, her search takes her outside of her home state.

“I found myself traveling all over town going to like four or five different stores and everyone is out of the formula. So, I did actually have luck. I traveled to Greensboro it’s about an hour away from Danville.” Jennings said.  

Some moms have resorted to joining social media groups for updates and tips on where to find formula nearby.

“I think us moms are kind looking out for all of us and just giving updates,” Jennings said. “Like I have extra formula if you need any,  if you give me some this time, when I go I’ll give you some,” she said. 

Some have used these moms’ desperation to take advantage. Graham mother, Amanda Snipes says she was scammed out of $200 trying to buy formula on Facebook. 

“I buy stuff all the time online and have stuff shipped and buy stuff on Facebook and I have never been scammed. So this is a first for me,” Snipes said. 

She saw what she thought was a mom selling unused formula on Facebook. After striking out at several stores, Snipes says she thought she had struck gold.

She paid this person $200, thinking she was buying formula for herself and a friend. She found out a few days later that the formula was never coming, and she wasn’t the only mom to get scammed this way.

“To me, it’s more frustrating for someone to scam me out of something for my kid than to scam me out of something I just bought for fun,” Snipes said. 

The moms say most of the groups have been helpful. They’re hoping this shortage ends soon. 

Similac recalls: 

  • Recalled Feb. 28, 2022: Similac PM 60/40 powdered formula (Lot # 27032K80 (can) / Lot # 27032K800 (case)
  • Recalled Feb. 17, 2022: Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare powdered formula products with all three of these conditions:
    • First two digits are 22 through 37, AND
    • Code on the container contains “K8,” “SH,” or “Z2,” AND
    • Use-by date is 4-1-2022 (APR 2022) or later