WALLBURG, N.C. (WGHP) — Baking can be a fun and engaging way to teach children.

For Cupcake Cuties, a bakery and shop owned by Brad and Christy Davis in Wallburg, it’s also a way to create inclusive social activities for those who may not regularly have the opportunity to participate.

That’s why they held a cupcake decorating class aimed at special needs children.

The first workshop took place on Tuesday evening, and around 20 children and their parents gathered at the bakery to design their own cupcakes and cookies. The kids used plenty of sprinkles and icing to create their unique treats, and they were allowed to either take them home or eat them on the spot.

The event was filled with smiles and laughter as each child was given the freedom to be creative and approach their cupcake and cookie designs in their unique way. The response to the event was overwhelming, with parents expressing gratitude for the opportunity to participate in such a fun activity.

“We saw this on Facebook and just thought it would be fun to come out. It’s his favorite thing to do – decorate cupcakes and cookies,” said one parent.

Christy Davis, the owner, encouraged the children to be creative and express themselves through their designs. “Most of them wanted to decorate their own, so I kind of let them be creative but showed them a few things.”

Parents were delighted to see their children having fun and being included in an activity that may not always be accessible to them. “I feel like a lot of children with disabilities get left out of doing the fun stuff like this.”

Next Tuesday, Cupcake Cuties is hosting a similar event for special needs adults over the age of 16. While this event is already full, the bakery plans to hold more sweet decorating events for both kids and adults in the future.

For more information on Cupcake Cuties’ upcoming events, visit their Facebook page at “Cupcake Cuties Cafe and Bakery.”