OAK RIDGE, N.C. (WGHP) — A pharmacy in Oak Ridge was broken into overnight this weekend.

The manager told FOX8 it was not the only place that was hit.

The front door of Crossroads Pharmacy is boarded up, and the glass door behind it is completely shattered. No one was there when the break-in happened, but the manager said it has shaken her staff and made them worry about their safety.

“The community is a small community. So when you have people just break into your space when you’re not even here…it just is kind of scary to think that they can do that so easily,” said Melissa Rumple, who is the pharmacy’s manager.

Rumple got the call just after 4 a.m. Sunday that the alarm was going off at the pharmacy she manages. When she got to Crossroads Pharmacy, she found the front door completely shattered and learned a group of men broke into the business.

“The gentleman that was right here in this place had a crowbar…and there’s a bar about right here on the door, so he hit the lower portion a couple of times to shatter it, and the top fell down after that,” she said. “They all climbed inside…then they ran in and jumped over the entry to the pharmacy.”

Rumple said it only took about three minutes for the thieves to get in and out. They took three backpacks worth of medicine, mainly an allergy drug sometimes abused for its sedative effects.

“I believe they were looking for something in particular,” she said. “Probably Promethazine because that’s one of the things it looked like they were targeting a certain section.”

As law enforcement officers arrived and gathered evidence, Rumple said they got another call.

“They were getting calls of other break-ins or attempted break-ins,” she said. “The ones that I can remember were CVS in Oak Ridge…and then an ammo store.”

FOX8 crews stopped by the CVS less than three miles down the road from Crossroads Pharmacy and found the drive-thru window glass cracked. Workers inside said it happened before the pharmacy opened.

These pharmacists know the glass can be replaced. They’re just happy no one got hurt.

“Just that we’re all safe,” Rumple said. “That’s all that matters right now but we would like to see them caught.”

Rumple is still doing inventory to figure out exactly what was taken and how much of it. She said she does not think the people responsible for this crime were armed.