JAMESTOWN, N.C. (WGHP) — All you needed was a ticket and a dream.

More than $1 billion was at stake in Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing. It was the third largest jackpot in U.S. history.

People in the Piedmont Triad were hoping to win big and made plans for what they would do with that money.

Some people had a strategy going in to buy their tickets. One person in Clemmons spent $1,000 buying Mega Millions tickets. For some, one was all they needed.

“I only purchased one ticket today because they said that’s all it takes is one number,” said Tansela Reeves, who bought a ticket at Murphy’s Express in Greensboro.

Other people like Fran Holden bought multiple.

“In total, 20,” said Holden, who got hers at the Quick Mart in Jamestown.

Some played Quick Pick.

“No strategy,” said Dale Privat, who lives in Mocksville. “Just blind luck and pray.”

Others chose their own numbers.

“I have two grandbabies,” Bolden said. “I mixed their birthdays up.”

People who were new to the lottery and played for years took part in the fun.

“About 15 years ago, I missed $40 million by one number, so I’ve played ever since then,” Privat said.

People lined up at stores across the Piedmont Triad to get their tickets. Carlton’s Tanglewood in Clemmons was a popular spot to try your luck. Cashier Angeleah Childress said things haven’t slowed down since the jackpot reached $1 billion.

“People I’ve never seen before started coming in and buying their lottery tickets,” she said. “We’ve been like this for the past two days. Just completely busy. Lines out the door.”

Lines also formed at the Quick Mart and Murphy’s Express. People thought of how they’d spend the prize while they waited.

“Perhaps a vacation. But every day is a vacation when you have that kind of money,” Reeves said.

Some weren’t too confident in their chances.

“I know the odds,” Privat said. “It’s like 330 million to one.”

Others were feeling lucky.

“I’m going to win,” Bolden said.

If no one wins Friday night, it’s estimated the jackpot will reach $1.7 billion on Tuesday. 

That would be the largest in U.S. history.