SUMMERFIELD, N.C. (WGHP) — A $2.8-million master plan has been created for 115 acres along I-73 in Summerfield.

The project is in the fundraising stages and will protect the Reedy Fork Creek, which is part of the water supply for the area.

“The community has been really excited about it so far,” said Summerfield Town Manager Scott Whitaker.

The property will be a dedicated equestrian park with about four-and-a-half specific horse-design trails and facilities.

There will also be hiking trails, picnic shelters and an adventure play scape.

“Think of it as a really high quality type of playground that you would be willing to drive some distance to get to use,” Whitaker said.

Jody Esque has lived in Summerfield for years. When she first moved to the area, it was pretty much all farms in the area.

“It’s gonna be nice because everything around the area right now is landlocked. So it’s like the farms are all gone,” Esque said.

She has 16 horses on her property and is excited about the new trails coming near her home.

“This will probably be a really nice trail for older people and children…there are no big hills to go up and down,” Esque said.

It will be a place to walk, ride horses and connect to other cities.

“This is a project that will connect the A&Y Greenway over to Triad Park, and it will go west toward Winston-Salem eventually,” Whitaker said.

Whitaker says this is a joint project with the City of Greensboro, The Town of Oakridge, Guilford County and the Piedmont Land Conservancy.

“We expect it to draw regionally because there really aren’t that many trails specifically designed from the ground up for the equestrian community, and this will have parking designed for trailers. It actually has two distinct parking areas: one for more of the greenway and the playground, another specifically for the horse trailers and that community,” Whitaker said.

Esque can’t wait for the work to get underway.

“We need it. With all the COVID…this is a place for people to get outdoors and relax and do what they need to do and enjoy some of the beautiful Summerfield,” Esque said.

Summerfield’s town manager says they are still in the fundraising phase of Bandera Farms Park. 

He says they just filed a grant application yesterday and have a request into Guilford County that looks promising.

In October of last year, Governor Roy Cooper announced the project would receive $500,000 from the NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund. He is hoping to break ground sooner than later

You can see all the plans here.