WELCOME, N.C. (WGHP) — Reggie’s Flower Shoppe in Welcome is there for any occasion, whether it be a birthday celebration or a celebration of life.  

Now the man behind the flowers at Reggie’s Flower Shoppe in Welcome is the one in need of some encouragement after a minor car accident led to some major health discoveries for the owner, Reggie Walser. 

Right now, the doors of the popular floral shop are closed as he gets back on his feet.  

It’s a place that’s usually blooming with customers trying to get their floral arrangements. But since a few days ago, Reggie’s Flower Shoppe has sat closed until further notice.  

“He’s doing fairly well, but he has a long way to go,” said Dawn Walser, Reggie’s sister. 

Reggie is recovering in the hospital from a list of complications he only discovered after a minor car accident Friday, which led to an emergency room visit the following day.  

“They did say that it was a blessing in disguise because if that would’ve happened at home, he might not have made it to the hospital,” Dawn said. 

Originally, Reggie was told he had cellulitis in his legs, but the hospital stay was prolonged after it led to a diagnosis of an ulcer in his stomach. 

“He had an emergency surgery Monday because he had an ulcer corruption,” Dawn said.  

Doctors also discovered an issue with his heart.  

“The left side of his heart is only functioning 30%, and his heart is having to work overtime to accommodate for that loss on the left side,” Dawn said. 

For his longtime customer and friend Sharon Anderson, the news of Reggie’s health issues has her holding onto hope. 

“He’ll come back. He’s too good not to come back,” Anderson said.  

She said his floral artistry is something people in the community look forward to.  

Now, she and other community members are praying this hard-working florist will be back serving up his specialty. 

“Reggie, you get well soon because I may need some more flowers,” Anderson said. 

Dawn said her brother has never really been sick before. The only symptom he had prior to his hospitalization was pain in his legs.  

Community members said the whole ordeal just reiterates the importance of getting yearly checkups or seeing your doctor if something doesn’t feel right.