(WGHP) — North Carolinians playing lottery games won the most prizes ever in the fiscal year 2022 and raised $929.8 million for education programs, according to an NC Education Lottery news release.

All the prizes and earnings for education result from record lottery ticket sales during the year, according to unaudited year-end results. In the fiscal year 2022, the lottery:

  • Recorded $3.88 billion in ticket sales, which continues a record of increasing sales every year since the lottery started in 2006.
  • Paid out a record amount in prizes with $2.54 billion paid out.
  • Raised for the second year in a row more than $900 million for education.

The financial results show that scratch-off tickets were the most popular type of lottery game and generated 68 percent of the sales.

The other most popular games were Carolina Pick 3 with 12.5 percent of sales, Carolina Pick 4 with 5.7 percent of sales and Powerball with 4.6 percent of sales.

Retailers across North Carolina earned $266 million in commissions from lottery ticket sales.