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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — University leaders are preparing students for the workforce in the evolving world of the automotive industry just as Toyota makes its way to the Triad.

Associate Professor of The Electrical engineering department at North Carolina A&T, Dr. Ali Karimoddini, said when The Toyota Battery Manufacturing, NC Site is up, and running students will have learned all they need to know to join the Autonomous workforce.

“I can assure that the academy and the university are going to be putting the maximum effort to ensure that our students are going to be graduating at the highest level of quality that is needed to support industries that are coming to our community,” said Dr. Karimoddini.

Dr. Karimoddini said students in the Engineering Department are working in classes like mechanical engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering courses that are preparing them for the site and graduation.

Electrical Engineering Student Dorant Smith, will be graduating this year and felt having the Toyota Battery Manufacturing site in the Triad will allow him and other students to stay home while fulfilling their dreams.

“Instead of going to Washington State or even Massachusetts or Texas. I’m able to stay local in Greensboro, even the surrounding areas where my family could be. This plant will provide people that don’t even have electrical engineering degrees or mechanical engineering degrees to actually get work higher pay and be local,” said Smith.

Smith said course materials involving batteries and self-driving cars prepares the engineering students for the future Toyota battery site here but the ever-changing automobile industry.

“It definitely coincides with my degree in electrical engineering understanding the circuits, the electricity, the power density of the batteries. Things like that would definitely utilize my degree,” said Smith.