DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Parents in Davidson County reached out to FOX8 to ask what happened to “the Battle of the Books.”

It’s a challenge that requires students to read specific books and take part in a quiz bowl to test their knowledge.

According to Superintendent Dr. Emily Lipe, the competition is on pause because of concerns over the books kids are reading.

Parents tell FOX8 they got no notice or explanation about the change, and they worry it could lead to limiting new experiences through reading.

One dad with a middle school and high school student in Davidson County didn’t want to be identified but was passionate about the benefits of “the Battle of the Books.”

“I feel like it could lead to children being denied positive experiences and the opportunity to grow,” he said. “There’s a lot of kids out there who dearly love ‘Battle of the Books’ and enjoy it.”

Lipe tells FOX8 that the school district hasn’t made parents aware of the change yet. She explained what they are doing to bring it back.

“In February of this year, we created a committee led by Dr. Heather Horton and media coordinators, and they are taking a look at their selection process for our media center,” Lipe said.

Currently, a statewide group selects the list of books for competition.

Dr. Lipes’s goal is to make parents more aware of what’s in the pages.

“We will let our parents review a synopsis of those titles, and then should they allow their children to participate, they can sign a permission form,” Lipe said.

The committee creating the review process for parents will present their ideas to the Board of Education for approval in June.

“There’s so much reading has to offer to our students. We do want them to be high interest. We want them to be engaging, but we want them to be appropriate for the level of our students,” Lipe said.

She added there is a possibility that Davidson County Schools leaders could create their own format on a local level and have media coordinators create a smaller version of the competition for students.