ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Investigators say two women in Rowan County beat a 73-year-old woman with cinder block and a metal pipe.

Detectives say that Carrie Elizabeth Dixon called 911 and lied to investigators, claiming it was a home invasion, but eventually, investigators got her to confess to planning the attack with her friend, who gave deputies a fake name.

Cinder block was the weapon of choice.

Investigators say two women used that and a metal pipe to beat a 73-year-old woman inside her house attacking her for almost five minutes.

“Her intentions probably were to kill her,” said Michael Bender, the woman’s neighbor.

Bender was stunned and upset by the attack on his neighbor.

“You hear something like this, and it just makes you wonder what’s happening to this world. It’s just getting sad, something like that, especially somebody you know, or they knew,” said Bender.

On top of that, detectives say one of the attackers, Carrie Dixon, called 911 and lied to investigators claiming someone else broke into the home and attacked her boyfriend’s mother.

“How’d she think she was going to get away with it?” said Bender.

Detectives say Dixon and her friend, Shirley Burns, concocted a story about a home invasion that left neighbors on edge, but investigators say it was all made up and those two beat the 73-year-old, leaving her fighting for her life in the ICU.

“Knowing what you’re doing to an elderly person, is just really sad,” said Bender.

The Sheriff’s Office says Dixon told the victim to lie to detectives, but she told them the truth, once she was safe.

“Just pray that she’s ok and she gets back to normal,” said Bender.

Detectives says the 73-year-old victim is in the ICU at Wake Forest Baptist hospital in stable condition.

Shirley Marie Burns was taken into custody on Friday and both she and Dixon received a $250,000 bond.