RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Neighbors are now sharing what they saw after officials rescued more than 50 animals from a Randolph County home on Monday.

FOX8 Crews went back to the neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

Some neighbors knew 68-year-old Melina Robinson personally and told FOX8 she loved every single one of her animals, but she was just overwhelmed.

They say she is devastated about the 10 felony animal cruelty charges against her.

Others say it was a matter of time before Randolph County Animal Control got involved because they knew Robinson had a lot of animals. They just didn’t know how many.

Many neighbors say they have seen Robinson’s livestock, including goats and sheep, wandering around their lawns.

While they knew she had a lot of animals, they could not believe more than 100 were living on the property. While Randolph County Animal Control rescued 50 animals last week, more than 50 animals remain.

Officers went back to the property Tuesday afternoon.

We saw them leaving Robinson’s private property after doing a routine check on the other animals. We’re told the livestock appeared to be in good shape with hay and water provided.

Animal control officers plan to send out vets at a later time to make sure the livestock are healthy.

A total of 23 animals are being seen by local veterinarians.

At least five animals, including a guinea pig, were sent out Tuesday morning.

Right now, vet appointments are booked three weeks out. The case will remain in an active status until all animals have been checked out.

We also reached out to Robinson through social media and by calls. We have not yet heard back.