GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – First it was Uber and Lyft to pick you up and give you a ride. Then it was Uber Eats and Grubhub (and others) to deliver culinary delights to your door.

Now there’s a no-touch, “Uber-like” app to mow your grass and trim your shrubs.

GreenPal, based in Nashville, launched in the Greensboro area this week with its app-based service, which allows residents to contact area lawn-care professionals and contract service without having to interact with the workers.

One of GreenPal’s vendors mows grass. (GREENPAL)

Gene Caballero says in a release that GreenPal has signed up more than 1 million homeowners in 250 markets across the 48 continental states, including Raleigh and its suburbs, Durham, Chapel Hill and Fayetteville.

“Every month, we look at our data and see where homeowners and vendors are signing up,” Caballero said in response to questions from WGHOP. “If it is a market that we do not currently operate in, we make that market a priority – this was the case with Greensboro. 

“We knew it was a market that we needed to launch in the spring of 2022.”

GreenPal has set up a proprietary site for the Greensboro area, which its site suggests would stretch from Burlington to Kernersville, roughly, that lists some of the landscaping partners – the company claims 25,000 nationally – and testimonials. The price for Greensboro is said to average about $37 for basic service. There are ratings and reviews as well.

“Any landscaping services can be performed through the GreenPal platform,” Caballero said. “The basic service is mowing, edging, and blowing off all of the hard services, but more services including shrub trimming, mulching, cleanups, low-level tree removal, aeration, seeding, weed removal and even gutter cleaning can be requested.”

Here’s how it works, based on GreenPal’s release: Residents list their lawns with their desired service date and lawn-care needs on GreenPal’s app. Then a lawn care professional, which the company says would be fully “vetted,” can bid on the service. Then a resident can select a vendor based on that service’s ratings, reviews and price.    

After the work is completed, the lawn care service will send a time-stamped photo of the completed work.  The resident then can pay for the service via the app and schedule future appointments.

“All of those services can also be requested and performed through the GreenPal platform,” Caballero said. “Anything garden-related can be done through GreenPal.”

GreenPal touts the “contactless” service as being an advantage for concerns of transmitting the coronavirus. Caballero’s release says that more than 30% of GreenPal’s customers are 60 and older.