Need for more professional nannies in the Piedmont Triad

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(WGHP) — It’s a daily balancing act – being present as a parent while meeting the demands of your career.

Facing new challenges during the pandemic highlighted some families’ needs for in-home childcare, specifically, nannies.

“It’s always been special. It’s made the world of a difference for families, especially like my own, but now people are seeing how special that it is. We’re now able to ensure that families are able to get to work because their nanny shows up no matter what,” Preferred Childcare, Inc. President Megan Metzger said.

The responsibility to provide a sense of stability is something nannies Courtney Lotz and Brittannie Ball don’t take lightly.

“It was just really nice to come and see and be with kiddos and see them just be completely oblivious of what was happening, so it was just a good reminder and calming for us,” Lotz said. “On a normal day, we are a support system for the parents, but I feel like it amplified last year a lot. We were the constant that the parents and the children could rely on, and so it was up to us to adapt and to try and keep things positive and moving and kind of help us all get through it,” Ball said.

For parents Richard and Rebecca Andrews, incorporating a nanny into their family helped them meet their daughters’ health needs while working outside of the home.

Their daughters Clara and Eliza were born prematurely in 2019.

“I’m not sure there are any day cares in the area that would have even taken the girls with the way they came home from the hospital,” Richard said.

“With their feeding issues and then the fact that they were immunocompromised, we needed a very professional nanny coming in, and she filled every expectation that we could have ever had,” Rebecca said.

“2020, while hard for all of us, definitely taught us what was most important and that’s in between the walls of your own home,” Metzger said.

Preferred Childcare, Inc. is accepting applications to hire more nannies.

Incentives are being offered including higher starting pay, quarterly raises, and promotions.

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