(WGHP) — Three Triad restaurants are closing their doors after two years of pandemic problems.

Loflin’s Family Restaurant in Thomasville posted a note on the door saying Tuesday, July 12, is their last day of operation.

The note didn’t go into detail on the reason for the closure and just stated the owners are retiring after 45 years of service.

Just down the road, Lexington Style Trimmings announced on Facebook owners are closing the restaurant portion of the business.

“I’m very sad. It’s part of my childhood memories,” Cheryl Brockmeier said.

Brockmeier visits the restaurant for lunch a few times a week. She tells FOX8 she’ll miss the hotdogs and barbecue.

Some patrons are happy the restaurant is still selling their pimento cheese and coleslaw on select afternoons.

“Sometimes when you close a restaurant, and you think you’re going to stay in a certain part of it, it doesn’t pan out, so you wind up closing it, too, and that would make me sick,” Betsy Hammond said.

Lexington Style Trimmings has been open for 31 years.

Workers took a higher volume of calls Tuesday with people asking how long they would be open, and if they could place an order to stockpile some of their favorite items.

After two years of struggling through COVID and adapting their hours to give staff a break, they still can’t find people to hire.

“No matter what ads I run or what we did, we were just unable,” said Rocky Scarfone, the owner of Ham’s American Bar and Grille.

After months of deliberation, Scarfone decided to close Ham’s for similar reasons.

“Since we reopened after COVID, we never opened for lunch except for the weekends. The staffing has progressively gotten worse to where I can’t even open up the restaurant,” Scarfone said.

A month out from football pre-season, Scarfone tells FOX8 the decision wasn’t easy, but it was clear.

“It’s hard to say goodbye, so I just hope everyone hangs on to the memories,” Scarfone said.

Scarfone still owns the trademark to Ham’s and believes if staffing gets better, Ham’s could reopen in the Triad in the future.

Lexington Style Trimmings will offer pimento cheese and coleslaw to customers on Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. starting in August.