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HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — This isn’t your ordinary guinea pig.

Coco the guinea pig was abandoned at a shelter four years ago. He had a bad fungal infection at the time, too.

Now, he’s a world record holder.

After submitting his entry on March 6, Coco’s owner and trainer Gwen Ford learned Tuesday that the Guinness World Records have recognized Coco for “most tricks performed by a guinea pig in one minute.”

His performance included 18 tricks, but Guinness only accepted 16 of them. Nevertheless, it was still enough to get him the title.

“Coco is an intact male, Abyssinian guinea pig of approximately 4-5 years old,” the Guinness World Records says of Coco’s achievement. “Gwen fostered and later adopted him from an animal shelter in December of 2018. Due to Coco’s abundance of energy and curiosity, Gwen began training him through a trick certification program. He soon learned over 70 tricks and became a certified Trick Guinea Pig Champion.”

This is just the latest achievement for the star-studded guinea pig. Coco already has nine titles.

Gwen said that she’d hoped training him for tricks would alleviate boredom and provide him some enrichment because he’s always a curious, intelligent pig. From that, it’s grown into so much more!

“I’m extremely proud of him and in perpetual awe of his talent,” she wrote after submitting his entry.