LEXINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — Snow, sleet and temperatures in the 20s; all things that would have most of us curled up on the couch. Not Marty Lohr. He spent Sunday out in the elements for hours on the move, pacing himself and counting the miles and minutes.

For Lohr, this isn’t for a job or just because. Rather, it’s a mission that has him running around the snowy streets of Lexington.

At 52, he’s a dedicated marathoner, a veteran of many over the years. Now he’s training for his next race, so, he proclaims, he had to run on this snowy Sunday.

The marathon he’s running in Fort Lauderdale is five weeks away. Sunday is his long run day, and with the weeks counting down, there’s no time to skip a run.

“I got about 17 miles to run. We don’t skip training when we’re training for marathons,” said Lohr.

He understands people who spotted him wondered why he didn’t stay home. One person even had a pretty bold question.

“I’ve had one plow truck ask me if I was making fun of the weather,” he said. “And then I had another, a neighbor that’s plowing over here, ask me where I’ve been. I told him to jump out and join me. I got five more to go.”

He says as long as you’re running the right direction, things are not that bad.

“If you run southbound, it ain’t near as bad, but once you run north, the wind, it’s eating you up and the sleet is pelting, but you just gotta just grin and bear it and just keep on digging,” Lohr said.

When it’s over, he said he planned to enjoy his afternoon.

“Little over 11 miles in, I got five, six more to go, about another 45 minutes. Then we can sit back and eat, get a little bit warm and relax the rest of the day,” he said.

Lohr says while the weather for his Florida marathon will certainly be better than what he ran in Sunday, cold weather runs are easier than putting in the miles in hot and humid conditions.

We will be sure to follow up and see how he does in his race.