BURLINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — A long-time shelter resident and a past Pet of the Week has finally found himself a new home after a heartfelt plea from the people who cared for him.

On Wednesday, Burlington Animal Services posted about Chino. Sweet, loving Chino had been at the shelter for a long time – a year at one shelter and then two months with Burlington – and they were desperate to get this boy into a home as wonderful as he is. “He loves, loves, LOVES people,” they told FOX8 when he was our Pet of the Week.

Pictures of Chino, not smiling and playful, but curled up and despondent showed how dire they felt this was. “This is the Chino we see most of the time, just waiting, patiently, in his kennel for his forever family to come.”

Photos courtesy of the Burlington Animal Services

“Out of the kennel, he is all smiles. But the majority of the time, for the past year of his life, he has been kenneled, watching each person who goes by and hoping the next one is for him. We really hope that Chino’s person will see this sweet boy and come for him. He has certainly waited long enough. Please stop by if you’d like to meet this sweet old man.”

Yesterday, the kind folks at the shelter were rewarded, and Chino found his forever home. They shared pictures of him, one posing cutely and one of Chino saying goodbye with an appropriately sassy farewell gesture.

“We had an overwhelming response to our post about Chino, and it worked–Chino got adopted this morning and has, we hope, left shelter life for good! This sweet pup’s story finally has a happy ending. And, as a final comment, Chino shared his opinion by telling us how he felt about spending so many months in a shelter–a big, fat, THANKS, BUT NO THANKS! I’M OUTTA HERE!”

FOX8 wishes Chino and his family well. “Happy tails, sweet boy. We wish you nothing but the best and happiest life!” the Burling Animal Services Facebook page wrote.

Burlington Animal Services is also looking for fosters that can help with larger dogs, if you have some room in your home this holiday season. You can find their adoptable pets on their website.