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STOKESDALE, N.C. (WGHP) — A llama is on the loose…again!

Last week, people called High Point Animal Control after they saw a llama running through their neighborhood. Workers were able to take the llama in safely. They tweeted a picture of the capture, proclaiming the animal had been declared “Todd!”

They took “Todd” to Red Dog Farms, who agreed to hold onto him until an owner came forward.

Unfortunately, “Todd” had a better idea. The call of freedom was too strong for the little guy and he hopped the fence at Red Dog Farm and ran off…again.

“Apparently he decided that our accommodations, although technically suitable for him, did not meet his standards. So despite our appropriate fencing and plenty of friends, water and food here for him, he decided that he wanted to continue his grand adventure here in Stokesdale, as opposed to High Point,” Lauren Riehle of Red Dog Farms said.

There’s a joint effort between Rockingham and Guilford Counties to find the loose llama as he continues his walkabout.

If you do see this fugitive, call Animal Control. For Guilford County, you can call (336) 641-5990. For Rockingham County, call (336) 634-3300.

He is not considered armed (doesn’t have any) or dangerous.

And if you’re looking for some adoptable animals who aren’t wanted by the law you can always visit Red Dog Farms.