DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — A Lexington man is facing several felony charges related to the unlawful possession of catalytic converters, according to Davidson County court records.

Oliver Hernadez, 20, is accused in court records of “knowingly” possessing catalytic converters that were removed from a motor vehicle as “a person not authorized to possess a catalytic converter.”

According to the North Carolina General Statutes, the only people who are authorized to possess a catalytic converter that has been removed from a vehicle are:

  • “An employee or agent of a company, or an individual, acting in their official duties for a motor vehicle dealer, motor vehicle repair shop, secondary metals recycler, or salvage yard that is licensed, permitted, or registered pursuant to State law.”
  • “An individual who possesses vehicle registration documentation indicating that the catalytic converter in the individual’s possession is the result of a replacement of a catalytic converter from a vehicle registered in that individual’s name.”

Hernandez is being charged with the following:

  • 10 counts of felony possession of a catalytic converter

He is being held on a $35,000 unsecured bond and will appear in the Davidson County District Courthouse on Jan. 4, 2023.