LEXINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — One church in Lexington is on a mission to feed the five thousand and so many more.

“I think that’s our heart to feed as many people as we possibly can,” said Jennifer Swift, a volunteer with Journey Church.

For Journey Church in Lexington, their mobile ministry is almost a decade in the making.

“We started to see working with Picket Elementary there were kids there that were hungry, we would get their stories of them coming to school and not having had meals,” said Matt Leonard, one of the pastors at Journey Church.

The congregation served community meals at their church building on holidays for years and gave away food, but they didn’t feel like they were reaching everyone.

“There are hungry people who can’t get to where we are, we’re going to take the food to them,” said Leonard.

A year ago, Leonard and his partner pastor were finally able to make their dream a reality.

The Loaves and Fish food truck hit the road just a few months ago with a mission to reach kids who might not go home to a stocked pantry and fridge.

In one stop at Lexington High and Middle School, they served 900 hot dogs in just 35 minutes.

“Just seeing them light up because of that, it makes it all worth it, it really pushes us forward, it gives us passion to continue to find opportunities and to continue to reach,” said Leonard.

“Our goal is to never charge anyone for a meal out of this food truck, we really feel like we are here to serve so we don’t want to ever charge,” said Swift.

With summer just around the corner, they’re hoping to partner with more groups in the Davidson County area.

“The need is great, and I think it’s perfect timing we have the food truck running and operational now, if we receive a call, we will go,” said Swift.

Leonard hopes they’ll be able to have the truck out five or six days a week in the future, and one day have a whole fleet to serve their community.

If you want to know more about the ministry, visit http://thejourney.church/.