LEWISVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — A Forsyth County couple was forced to watch their wedding venue go up in flames.

Flames from the barn could be seen Saturday just before 9 p.m. on the 8,000 block of Concord Church Road.

The property owners say it’s not a tragedy, just an inconvenience.

It was everything a Forsyth County couple could dream of on their wedding day: horses in the fields, beautiful scenery and the perfect wedding venue.

The property owners tell FOX8 the wedding was ending when the flames started.

Most of the wedding party had left.

On Monday morning, our crews watched as Forsyth County Emergency Service crews came to further inspect what was left of the barn.

You can see windows busted out from the intense heat and debris scattered on the roof and ground.

A guitar burnt at the neck could be seen in the rubble.

Fire crews battled the blaze for about an hour as a small crowd of about 30 people watched from a hill.

The bride and groom who are now on their honeymoon were able to get the memory card with their wedding pictures.

It was one of the only things salvageable.

The property owners say a cross just feet away from the burning barn showed them it was their faith and the grace of God that helped everyone get out safely.

There Is speculation the fire started from a shirt being placed on a sauna heater inside the barn that was accidentally turned on.

However, the Forsyth County Fire Marshal’s Office which is leading the investigation has not determined an official cause of the fire.

The property owners say they plan to rebuild.

There are also plans to feed the firefighters who battled the blaze this week to thank them for their work.